History of Dunstan Hospital

  • 1863 Built

  • 1878 moved to higher ground because of flooding

  • 1900 approx - new wooden building constructed

  • 1950s building replaced

  • 2005 newly constructed building opened

Health Services Funding Providers

  • Central Otago Hospiral Board

  • Vincent Hospital Board

  • Otago Area Health Board

  • Otago District Health Board

  • Southern District Health Board

Origins of Central Otago Health Incorporated

  • 1992 - C O District Council - watchdog group - Central Otago Health Advisory Group

  • 1996 - Dunstan Health Services Steering Committee

  • 1997 - Central Otago Health Development Committee formed

  • 1998 - Healthcare Otago withdraw funds for management; funds for services remained

  • 1998 - Central Otago Health Services Steering Committee formed

  • 1998 - Dunstan health Concept developed

  • 1998 - Central Otago Advisory Committee on Health (COACH) established

  • 2000 - Central Otago Health Incorportaed formed

A history of former members

Central Otago Health Trust

Russell Checketts  (Chairman)                                Nicky Chapman (Secretary)
Shirley Alabaster                                                  Francie Diver
Malcolm Macpherson (CODC)                                  Derek Cone
Mary Flannery                                                        Lesley Burden
Althea Carruth  (COHSL)                                                Terrance Thompson

Central Otago Health Incorporated

Shirley Alabaster  [Alexandra] (Chairman)              Mary Flanne [Earnscleugh/Manuherikia]
Ann Moore   [Service Provider]                              Barbara Kane [Wanaka]
John Olssen [Cromwell]                                          Lynley Claridge [CODC]
Sue Macpherson  [Service provider]                       Wayne King [Roxburgh]
Ann Tamblyn [Roxburgh]                                        Ainsley Webb [Cromwell]
Matt Born [Service Provider]                                 Judy Faris [Alexandra]
Jim Nelson [ Wanaka]                                            John Kerr [Roxburgh]
Clair Higginson [ CODC]                                         Don Rhodes 
Dick Kane [Wanaka]                                               [Earnscleugh/Mauherikia]         
Pragati Guatama [Service Provider]                        Rob Roy [Alexandra]
Tracy Paterson [Earnscleugh/Manuherikia]             Leigh Overton [Wanaka]
Sharon Robertson [Service Provider]                     Trevor Lloyd [Service Provider]
Michelle Smith (Service Provider)                          Carolione Tamblyn (Teviot Valley)
Matt Fowler                                                Britta Christensen (Cromwell)

Nicky Chapman                                                      Evelyn Duffield
Annette Kemp                                                       Sue Endicott-Davies
Nola Nevill







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